Coastal Export International, was founded with family values, which means that our team works as a “corporate family” and we believe in the families who work together in countries around the globe in their micro-enterprises or micro-businesses. We supply these businesses around the world with merchandise that is obtained from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the United States.

We know that due to lack of opportunity in education and work, there are limited options for many people living in developing nations. We also understand, however, that no one wants to see their families and children struggle in poverty and lack access to education, medicine and work. We partner with micro-enterprises and individuals who are looking to find a way to help themselves and their families find a better life.

In developing nations, we are aware that micro-enterprises make up the majority of the businesses and provide additional value by:

  • Providing job opportunities in nations where work opportunities are scarce and there are very limited jobs with a sustainable living wage for families.
  • Helping individuals step closer to sustainability by enhancing their income and purchasing power.
  • Lowering the overall cost of business since micro-businesses typically require minimal investment capital and only one employee to get started (although families do join as a business grows).

Our company has experience working with established micro-enterprises located on the smallest islands of the Caribbean to nations in the continent of Africa. We also partner and provide assistance and guidance to individuals who are seeking to open their own micro-enterprise.

Our team at Coastal Export International understands what it means to start small and grow a business. We understand what it means to build relationships and develop a reputation that demonstrates our commitment to supporting our micro-enterprise partners around the world as well as the businesses in the United States that help us to obtain the inventory to sell overseas.

Due to our extensive network of partnerships in the United States, we are able to provide micro-entrepreneurs from all over the world with access to the following items for sale:

Shoes – Millions of shoes are returned to retailers across the United States or are unwanted by manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers because they want to make room for new inventory, the shoes have not sold or they are not perfectly new. Each year, hundreds of millions of shoes in the United States that are returned or unwanted by these companies are destroyed in ways that do not benefit the environment or are socially responsible.

Coastal Export International works with our national partners to help prevent the unnecessary destruction of shoes and to provide them a new life in a developing nation after they are re-purposed. We offer micro-enterprises in developing countries with an opportunity to purchase from us various types and styles of shoes so they can become part of the inventory they sell in their local communities.

Apparel – We partner with leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the United States to obtain from them apparel that is returned, unsold or not in perfect condition. Each year, we are able to purchase hundreds of thousands of gently used or like new apparel that would have been returned to stores, discarded or destroyed when space is needed for new merchandise.

Our established relationships and partnerships with small and large companies looking for a socially responsible way to dispose of returned and unwanted apparel allows us to obtain garments at a very competitive price. We are then able to pass along these savings to our micro-entrepreneurs.

Apparel Accessories – We have a great supply of apparel accessories to sell to micro-entrepreneurs at competitive prices. If you are looking to obtain inventory for your small business anywhere in the world, Coastal Export International is the right place to find what you need.

We have purses and belts, which we purchase from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the United States. We are sure that our inventory of merchandise will allow you to supply your business and make your customers happy with the high quality goods that we offer.

Toys – Every child deserves a toy. We know how important toys are to the healthy development of children and our micro-enterprise partners want to be sure we always have toys available so they can purchase this merchandise and help supply and bring toys to children in their respective countries.

We have a large inventory of toys that we obtain from our United States partners that we are able to offer to micro-enterprises in other nations at a competitive price for re-sale. In addition, we offer soft toys like stuffed animals, as well as hard toys like Barbie, action figures and cars. With our toys, children will have countless hours of play.