Toys that do not sell in retail stores can pose an issue for companies. Brands do not like to advertise toys at a certain retail price and then send unsold toys to discount stores where they are sold for significantly less than was originally advertised. It is bad for the manufacturer and retailers’ image. Consumers don’t like to buy or see advertising for a toy at one price point only to see it later at a discount shop for much less – especially if they purchased it at the original price.

Therefore, each year approximately 21 billion pounds of textiles end up taking up space and harming the environment as they disintegrate. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers would rather burn or destroy unwanted toys than do anything that harms their brand image and business.

Coastal Export International provides the solution. We know the vast majority of consumers today want to do business with companies that are socially responsible. We purchase soft toys, such as stuffed animals; or hard toys, like Barbie, action figures and cars from businesses that would otherwise destroy this merchandise or send it off disintegrate in a landfill over the course of many years.

Coastal Export International then works to repurpose and give another life to these toys in a developing nation. When your company partners with us, you are accomplishing a few things:

  • You are helping your company to do business in a socially responsible way and support the environment.
  • You are providing inventory for small businesses, or micro-entrepreneurs, in developing nations so they can grow their own businesses and help themselves and their families out of poverty.
  • You are allowing micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to sell toys, which are proven to help children with creativity and to develop their intellectual and emotional intelligence.