Today’s sophisticated consumer prefers to do business with companies and businesses, which are socially responsible. Apparel manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers know that at the end of each season, millions of pieces of unsold merchandise or items across the nation that are not like new or in perfect condition are discarded. At the same time, consumer returns can be a pain point and our reverse logistics can offer you the pain free solution for your organization.

These merchandise returns or unsold items are taken to “off-price” channels such as outlet, discount or thrift stores or online shops. Some brands, however, particularly in the high-end and luxury markets, prefer to destroy unwanted apparel by burning or shredding the items, which fill up landfills, in order to protect the brand from being sold in a developed country at a significantly lower price point.

There is another way that will ensure your company is socially responsible and helps both the environment and entrepreneurs in developing nations.

By partnering with Coastal Export International, your business can do its part of lowering its carbon footprint on the environment. We purchase unwanted apparel in order to repurpose and help supply small businesses, or micro-entrepreneurs, in developing nations to obtain merchandise inventory for them to sell for a profit in their communities.
Due to extreme poverty, job opportunities are difficult to come by for most people and even if a family is fortunate enough to have someone in the household working, the earnings are typically nowhere near sufficient to sustain them, let alone help them out of poverty.

Coastal Export International is well positioned to be your company of choice to dispose of your unwanted apparel merchandise in a socially responsible way that not only helps the environment, but also micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries who are seeking to run their own small businesses as a way out of poverty.